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Coffee Menu

Hot Drinks Menu  
espresso shot, steamed milk, a thick layer of froth & dusted with chocolate 
Flat White
espresso shot, steamed milk, with virtually no froth 
Café Latte 
espresso shot, steamed milk & a dollop of froth  
Café Mocha
espresso shot infused with chocolate, steamed milk & a dollop of froth  
an intense shot of espresso coffee  
Long Black
espresso shot & hot water  
espresso shot, a dash of milk & a dollop of froth  
Hot Chocolate
rich chocolate, steamed milk, a thin layer of froth & dusted with chocolate 
Chai Latte 
spicy vanilla & cinnamon, steamed milk, froth & dusted with cinnamon 
Vienna Espresso
delicious latte or mocha flavour with creamed milk, topped with optional whipped cream & chocolate 
Cold Drinks Menu  
Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee - a cool and icy alternative with the flavour of espresso
Iced Mocha
a cool and icy alternative with the flavour of espresso and a hint of chocolate 
Iced Chocolate rich chocolate & milk blended with ice cream
Food Menu  
Assorted Cakes 
Being Apple Crumble, Classic Carrot & Walnut, Lemon Tart
Assorted Cookies
Being Double Choc Chip, Macadamia nut & Anzac Cookies
Texan Muffins
A variety of Choc Chip, Blueberry & Banana Flavours
Assorted Gelatos Being Passion fruit, Honey Crunch, Lemon, Cookies n Cream,  Chocolate  Pofferjtes - Mini Dutch Pancakes with a Variety of toppings;
Hot Food
Gourmet Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls 
Fresh Food
Fresh Sandwiches & Gourmet Wraps